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PowerPoint to DVD Converter


PowerDVDPoint Pro is a powerful conversion tool that allows converting PowerPoint presentations to DVD and various other video formats. The key feature of this multi program allows you to insert your own video narration on slides. PowerDVDPoint Pro converter converts this clippings and it plays seamlessly on the converted

  • Play PowerPoint slideshow on DVD Player
  • Perfect synchronization of animations and sounds
  • Convert PPT files to videos of many popular formats
  • Add your Video Narration to slideshow via webcam
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Please refer this tutorial link.

The standard DVD format convert PowerPoint presentations to DVD video format with menu options, whereas the Video file format convert PowerPoint presentations to various video formats to support portable and third party devices.

The output quality of conversion primarily depends on the PowerPoint presentation itself, the various effects applied on the presentation and the PC configuration. A good PC with high configuration will result in high and better output quality. Also select the Frame Rate as the highest value to get better output quality. During conversion make sure all other applications are closed and no screen-savers and anti virus software are running behind.

Yes, PowerDVDPoint Pro supports batch conversion. The program can convert about 15 numbers of PPT files at a time.

The current version of PowerDVDPoint Pro supports 37 types of video conversions. More are on the way.

PowerDVDPoint Pro supports the normal PowerPoint narrations and narrations with video clips captured using a web camera.

Check to see if the video clip was playing fine and automatically in Powerpoint before conversion.

Though PowerDVDPoint Pro is a stand alone application, you need to have Microsoft PowerPoint 2002/2003/2007/2010 to get presentations converted to DVD video format.

PowerDVDPoint Pro converter allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations to DVD video format. You can easily view your presentation via TV, DVD Player and other Portable devices like iPod, iPhone, Pocket PC, etc.

After conversion, burn these files to DVD/VCD. When you insert these discs on DVD/VCD player it will start playing automatically without any problem.

Yes, in order to convert PowerPoint presentations to video, PowerPoint needs to be installed. After you have converted the presentation to a video file, you can watch the video on any computer or other device without use of PowerPoint.

To start with, connect the ipod, Pocket Pc or Blackberry to a computer. Make sure there is enough memory space on these devices. Search for the video folder on these devices and then copy paste the converted files to this video folder. Try playing the video files on the device and check how it responds.

You can burn the earlier converted files to disc or convert the presentation to a new location and then burn the files to disc.

Before playing the converted files in Windows Media Player make sure you have the latest version of DVD codecs installed.

Make sure your TV screen settings are correct and in order. Try changing the screen mode of your TV to different levels ( Normal/Zoom/Wide/Full ). Check each settings and verify which module suits the best.

The size of the converted file depends on the size of the presentation, the size of the Audio / Video file, size of the narration file inserted and the properties selected for the Audio / Video conversion. If the video bit rate, frame rate etc is selected as high, then the size of converted file will go up. You can set a lower bit rate for a smaller file size but the quality of the output file will be drastically reduced.

If you are a registered user of PowerDVDPoint Pro Software, you are entitled to receive all future updates of this software totally free.

Yes, PowerDVDPoint Lite & Pro support looped presentations. But after conversion the loop function does not work.

Before converting a PowerPoint presentation that has an audio inserted, make sure that the audio source file is saved in the same folder as the PPT file. Then proceed with the conversion process.

Yes, PowerDVDPoint Pro is capable of retaining all the PowerPoint effects applied to the original PPT presentation after conversion. No effects are lost after conversion.

As of such there is no functional difference between the two versions. The only difference being the trial version will display a watermark on all the converted videos files.

There is not much of functional difference between the two versions. The difference being that Pro version has vast features like, it support video narrations, supports many DVD menu templates, support batch conversion and support many video conversion format. Please check the comparison here

Please try these resolutions and convert the presentation again... Open original presentation and increase the page size of the presentation, if shadow effects is applied to text - remove the shadow effects, make sure you are using contrast colors for texts and backgrounds, verify graphic objects and texts are not combined as it may reduce the text quality after conversion.

PowerDVDPoint Pro is compatible to work with the latest version of Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2010.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint version: PowerPoint 2002/2003/2007/2010
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7
  • Windows Media Encoder ( included in installer package )
  • DVD Codecs Stereo mix sound support for best audio output quality
  • Web Camera, Microphone

  • CPU Pentium III 860 MHz
  • RAM 256MB Minimum
  • Available Disk Space 500MB
  • DVD-RW recorder (optional)

Make sure you have DVD software or codecs installed on your system and the codecs supports the dvd video format.

Don't worry. Please write to us at Our support guys will contact you and get the issue resolved.

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