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OutPut Format


Deciding the output format ( SWF or EXE )

The above conversion process will not create the Falsh output. Once the above conversion process is over, you will be presented with the Conversion process completed dialog (If you don't want to display this dialog in the future runs, please tick on the 'Do not show this dialog again.' check box.)

It draws your attention that you need to hit either the Save as EXE or Save as SWF button on the main interface dialog to complete the conversion process.

Click OK.

You can have two types of Flash outputs
1. Save as EXE (a single file EXE)
No additional software required on the end user machine.

2. Save as SWF (multiple SWF files )
Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed on the end user machine.

Decide your output type and hit the appropriate button on the PowerFlashPoint main interface.dialog.

If you want use your presentation in web pages choose Save as SWF.

If you want to distribute the presentaion in CDs choose Save as EXE.

Save as SWF will create two SWF files

1. Pres.SWF (Presentation File)
This will consists of only slides in your presentation without any controls for navigation. You can only advance through the presentation by clicking on each slide. But you cannot stop or go backward. (If you have ticked on the 'Hide slide's background button' option in the Output page of the Settings dialog, you cannot advance at all).

2. <presentation name>.SWF (Presentation Player):

This will consists of slide panes, narration window and navigation controls. In most cases you will use the Presentation Player to run your presentation.

Save as EXE will create two files

1. AutoRun.inf
This is useful only if you are distributing the presentation in CDs. It will help run your presentation automatically on inserting the CD. You need to copy this file along with the <presentation name>.exe mentioned below while burning the CD.

2. <presentation name.exe>
This will consists of both the SWF Presentation file and the Presentation Player. Just double click on the EXE. The presentation will run in the Presentation Player.


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