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OutputSettings Class
Exposes properties related to HTML5 output file for conversion.
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Namespace: DigitalOfficePro.Html5PointSdk
Assembly: DigitalOfficePro.Html5PointSdk (in DigitalOfficePro.Html5PointSdk.dll) Version: (
public class OutputSettings : IOutputSettings

The OutputSettings type exposes the following members.

Public methodOutputSettings
Default Constructor for initialization
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Public propertyAdvanceOnMouseClick
Advance slide on mouse click, default value true. Read/write.
Public propertyAvoidCommonFiles
Removes creating common folder and script.js file in output
Public propertyAvoidSlideLoadCheck
Removes check to see if slide is loaded before displaying it.
Public propertyBackgroundColor
Background color. Read/write.
Public propertyConvertVideoToMp4
Decides whether to convert video to mp4 format, default value true. Read only.
Public propertyConvertVideoToOgg
Decides whether to convert video to ogg format, default value true. Read/write.
Public propertyCreateSlideOutline
Adds outline support
Public propertyCustomGotoSlideApiCall
Add API call to replace default goto
Public propertyEmbedFonts
Embed fonts, default value true. Read/write.
Public propertyEnableKeyBoardNavigation
Navigate through presentation by using keyboard arrow keys, default value true. Read/write.
Public propertyEnableSwipeNavigation
Navigate through presentation by swiping over slide (for touch screen devices), default value true. Read/write.
Public propertyFitToWindow
Fit to window, default value true. Read/write.
Public propertyFontFileType
Font file type, default value FontFileType.Woff . Read/write.
Public propertyImageFormat
Image format, default format png. Read/write.
Public propertyImageQuality
Image quality,for future use. Read/write.
Public propertyIncludeHiddenSlides
Include hidden slides, default value true. Read/write.
Public propertyIncludeSlideNotes
Include slide notes, default value true. Read/write.
Public propertyKeepOriginalImageDimension
Export with same dimension of inserted images in the presentation. Read/write.
Public propertyLoopPresentation
Loop presentation. Read/write.
Public propertyMaximumSlidesToConvert
Limit to which index the slides are to be converted. Default value is -1 => converts all
Public propertySaveMasterAsImage
Save master as image or process the master and layouts and render as seperate slides.
Public propertySingleHtmlPerSlide
Single html per slide, default value false. Read/write.
Public propertySubsetFontFiles
Do Font file subseting or not
Public propertyWindowScale
Window scale, default value 100. Read/write.
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